そういえば、Youtubeのほうを経由して、woO.TVの中の人から連絡があった。が、なぜかMTB EOCの動画がどうとか言っていて、これを英語に直せないか?見たいに言っていて、なんか勘違いしていないか?と。それとも僕の英語読解力が低すぎるだけか?だれか訳してー。

My name is A*** L*****, and I am one of the editor woO-TV based on World Of O web site. Please, take a look on our online TV Channel about sport orienteering: http://tv.worldofo.com/. I merely watched your last published video with interview from MTBO EOC. We are very interested in video news from all over the world to get as much interesting material as possible. Sorry my Italian is pure, but this video looks very interesting. Is it possible for you to translate an interview in English? Or probably you have more materials about MTBO EOC or other orienteering events? We will be happy to publish your videos on our channel. If you interested in cooperation please contact me using *********@gmail.com.